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Job Openings

These are only a select few of our current openings.  Please contact us for additional positions across the US. 

Registered Nurse

Cardiovascular ICU - FL

Cardiac StepDown - GA

Cath Lab - GA

Clinical Practice Lead/Critical Care - SC

Critical Care - TX (west)

​Critical Care Float - GA

Emergency - TX (west)

​Emergency - SC

​Emergency - GA

Endoscopy - Dallas Area, TX

Labor and Delivery - TX (west)

Home Health Case Managers



ICU/Cardiovascular - FL


​Med/Onc/Hematology - GA

​Med/Surg/Ortho - GA

​Med/Surg - El Paso, TX

Med/Surg/Telemetry - TX (west)

​Navigator - GA

Neurology - TX (west)O

​Observation Unit - TX (west)

​Operating Room - CO

​Operating Room/Cardiovascular - CO

​Operating Room/Cardiovascular - FL

​Operating Room - GA

​Operating Room /Neuro - GA

Operating Room/Circulator - El Paso, TX

​Operating Room/Coordinator - CA

​Orthopedic/Neuroscience - SC

​Pedi ICU - CA

​Pedi ICU - ID

Progressive Care Unit - TX (west)

Progressive Care Unit - SC

​Progressive Care Unit - GA

Rehab/InPatient - TX (west)

​Pediatrics/CVOR/Open Heart - Dallas, TX

​Surgical - GA

RN openings across the US, contact us for add'l openings


Cardiac Stepdown - TN

​Case Manager - CO

​Clinical Services & Operation - GA

Clinical Supervisor/Endoscopy - Dallas, TX

​Emergency - CA

Emergency Services - SC

​Endoscopy - FL

​Infection Control - NJ

Invasive Heart/Vascular - FL

Labor & Delivery - CA

Operating Room - NJ

Telemtry/Cardiovascular - CA

Trauma Nurse Manager Sign On Bonus Available

Nurse Manager openings across the US, contact us for add'l openings


Behavioral Health -  VA

Behavioral Health - FL

​Case Management - FL

Case Management - GA

​Cardiovascular ICU - FL

Critical Care ICU - NH

​Development - FL

Emergency Services - FL

Infection Prevention - CA

Infection Prevention - Stockton, CA

Infection Prevention - Myrtle Beach, SC

​Intensive Care - Houston, TX

​Intensive Care - Houston/Galveston Area

Labor and Delivery - San Jose, CA

​Labor and Delivery - NV

​Maternal Child - FL

​Maternal Child Health - CA

Medical/Surgical Inpatient - NH

Medical/Surgical Oncology - CA

​Medical/Surgical Telemetry - San Jose, CA

Medical/Surgical Renal - GA

Medical/Surgical or Critical Care - Portsmouth, NH

​Oncology - VA

​Pediatrics - NV

Perioperative Services RN

Provider Network Negotiator - FL

​Surgical Services - Houston, TX

Surgical Services - FL

​Surgical Services - GA

​Trauma Program - UT

Women and Children Services - Bakersfield, CA

Director openings across the US, contact us for add'l openings

Surgical Tech

Adult/Open Heart - Dallas, TX


​Open Heart - Dallas, TX

​Pedi/Open Heart - Dallas, TX

Nurse Practitioners

All services across the US, contact us for add'l openings

Physician Assistants

All services across the US, contact us for add'l openings

Professor of Nursing

Adult Clinical Focus